What is a Premium Profile?

A Premium Profile allow you to raise your company’s visibility among your target audience.

When you upgrade to Premium we automatically start featuring your company in high visibility positions on search results pages and user homepages. We target your company to the most appropriate users based on their interests, which we determine from what keywords they are searching for, the pages they are viewing and other activity. We guarantee a minimum of 100 targeted impressions per week for your company.

This automatically happens when you upgrade to Premium, without you having to lift a finger. However, if you want you can tailor the way we promote your company by adding targeted keywords.

In addition to this, upgrading to Premium unlocks a range features that allow you to enhance your company’s profile further over time by adding news, video, a presentation deck, and enabling a one click contact form on your profile page.

How to get a Premium Profile:

(1) Check if your company is already on the VentureRadar Database. If so, claim the profile.

(2) If your company isn’t on the VentureRadar Database, submit your company here. When it’s approved, you can then claim the profile.

(3) Once you have claimed your profile click on ‘Upgrade to Premium’ from within the Edit Company pages.