Saved Searches

When you carry out a search with less than 500 results, you have the option to save the search and receive regular updates when new results appear in that search.

To save a search, click on the 'Save Alert' button at the top of the search results (next to the Export button).

A pop-up box will appear that shows the email address that alerts will be sent to (the same as the email address associated with your VentureRadar account) and a button to confirm the creation of the alert. Click on 'Create Alert'.

When new results for the search are detected you will be alerted via email.

You can view and manage any saved searches you have from your account management page ( here). View the current search results for the saved search by clicking on them. You can also remove any saved searches by clicking 'Delete.

The email alerts you receive will list the new results, which will be a mixture of new companies added to the VentureRadar database (labelled 'New company' in the email), along with existing companies that have had new information recently added which now matches your search when it didn't previously (labelled as 'Existing company (new Information)').

Subscriber on a Free plan can set up 4 alerts which show 2 results per email. If you upgrade to a paid plan you get unlimited alerts which show all the new results.