What sales taxes are applied to purchases?

VentureRadar is based in the United Kingdom. If you are also based in the UK you will be charged VAT (sales tax).

If you are based outside the UK or EU you will not be charged sales tax.

If you are based in the EU you must provide a VAT number in order to make purchase and we will not add any sales tax. This is in keeping with the reverse charge mechanism. During the checkout process you will be asked to enter your company's VAT number. The checkout process will attempt to verify the VAT number before continuing. The verification is carried out by checking the entered number against VIES (VAT Information Exchange System). When you enter the number be careful not to include spaces between the numbers. If the validation still fails, or you are a business without a VAT number, then please contact us and we can verify you manually.

In summary:

- UK-based companies will be charged VAT

- Companies based outside the UK will not be charged VAT / Sales Tax, however if you are in the EU you must provide a VAT number.