How does VentureRadar discover and track companies?

VentureRadar crawls more than 5 million websites per month to discover new companies and track the progress of already known companies. We process this information using big data analytics, proprietary algorithms, machine learning and expert human interpretation.

Our Database uses this system to pro-actively discover, rank and track companies in popular innovation and technology domains.

Summary of our methodology:

1. Data Sources

Our system allows us to draw from millions of sources of company information across the web, including: directories, trade shows, conferences, company websites, science parks, news sites, industry awards, university websites, investor websites, incubators, and accelerators.

2. Data Collection & Structuring

We crawl more than 5 million domains per month, extracting information about companies and signals of their progress. Our team oversees data quality and enriches the data when required.

3. Interpretation

We use a combination of proprietary algorithms and machine learning to construct company profiles and calculate a range of associated metrics for companies. When required our analysts conduct deeper analysis.

4. Database Access

Our online database is underpinned by this system, providing you with the opportunity to discover and track companies at a scale and speed that has traditionally not been possible.