Submit a new company

You can submit a new company here.

Tips for submitting a company

  • You can use this page to suggest a new company for VentureRadar.
  • First, check to see if the company already exists on VentureRadar. If we already have a profile you can claim it and update the company information from the profile page.
  • New company submissions will be reviewed and put live typically within 7 days.
  • Anyone can submit a company (even if you don’t work for that company) but only employees can later claim the profile.
  • VentureRadar staff may edit submitted profiles before they go live.
  • We will alert you via e-mail when the company goes live.
  • Some submissions may not be approved. The most common reasons for this are:
    • The submission is not for a company: Our profiles are of companies, so please do not submit the form for a product or business unit within a company.
    • Type of company: While we cover all sectors, our focus is on innovation, technology, and growth companies. If we feel your submission strays too far from this focus it may not be approved.

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