What types of companies does VentureRadar cover?

Our core focus is on innovation, so the companies we track reflect reflects this:

Size of companies

While we do include large companies, the majority of companies we track are small-to-medium sized companies (including start-ups) with new technology, innovation, or high potential business models.


The companies we track tend to be involved in developing and applying emerging technologies such as: AI; Advanced Materials; Biotech; Robotics; Clean technology; 3D Printing; Internet of Things; Drones; Blockchain; Sensors; Augmented Reality; Nanotech; Chemistry; among others.


We track companies that are relevant across all sectors, including: Pharmaceuticals; Food & Beverages; Finance; FMCG; Environmental; Agriculture; Transportation; Manufacturing; Utilities; Health; Telecoms; Electronics; Energy; Entertainment; Medical; Aerospace; among others.

Special groupings

As a company is founded and then grows there are a number of strong signals that indicate it is likely to be involved in innovation or have high growth potential. We therefore pay special attention to tracking all the companies that fall within the following groupings:

  • University spin-offs: From at least the Top 400 Universities globally.
  • Venture capital-backed: Companies raising external funding from venture capital investors, across all stages from seed onward.
  • Incubators / Accelerator-backed: Companies backed by incubator or accelerator programs.
  • Grant awardees: Companies that have been awarded government grant funding. Currently we have complete coverage of companies backed by: The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs in the USA; the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme in the EU; and Innovate UK in the United Kingdom.

Other 'signals' we are interested in

Other signals we use to identify interesting companies include: winning industry awards; attending industry conferences; press coverage in certain publications; and industry association memberships.1000s of such sources are monitored on an ongoing basis to discover new companies that are added to our database.


We track companies across the globe.