Upgrading your account to a paid subscription

First, log in to the Free account that you wish to upgrade and then go to our Pricing page and choose the paid account you would like to upgrade to.

You can choose an ongoing subscription (Business Subscription) or one-off 5 week access (On-Demand Pass).

At the top of the page you can choose which currency to be billed in (USD, EUR, GBP) and whether you would like to pay Monthly or Annually (if you are buying a Business Subscription).

Tailor your plan

When you select 'Purchase' the checkout pages will load. The sections of the checkout pages are:

Your order

Make sure you are happy with the order summary and click 'Proceed To Checkout'

Add your account details

Add your first and last name if you wish. This name does not have to be associated with the card you use to pay. The email associated with your VentureRadar account will pre-fill into the 'Email' box. You can choose to change this if you wish. Invoices and other emails related to the management of your payments will go to the address you add here.

Add your billing address

Please fill in the billing address here. The name and address should match the those associated with the payment card you are using.

  • The 'Zip' field: This field is for the postal code used in your country, even if it isn't referred to as a Zip. For example a Postcode, a PIN Code, or a Zip Code may be entered here depending on your country.
  • The 'State' field: Depending on your country you should enter the State, Province, or Region here.

Add your payment details

Add the card number, expiry data and verification / CVV number.

Review order and pay

Double check the information you have provided, and edit it if necessary.

After clicking on 'Pay' the transaction will be processed and your Free account will be automatically upgraded.