How are 'Top Companies' pages generated?

The 'Top Companies' pages display ranked search results for specific searches.

Example 1: 'Top Biotech Companies' shows the ranked search results for the search: Biotech


Example 2: 'Top Water Sensor Companies' shows the ranked results for the search: Water AND Sensors


Keyword search results pages

The key things to be aware of about these pages:

1. The companies that are displayed, and their ordering, is the same as in 'Ranked' searches. The only difference between 'Top Companies' pages and 'Ranked' search results is in the display of the results. 'Top Companies' pages show the results as cards, while 'Ranked' searches show the results as a table.

Example: The search results for the search 'Biotech'

The 'Top Companies' results:

The 'Ranked' results:

Both pages show exactly the same companies, and in exactly the same order. The only difference is in how they are displayed. You can export the results from either page and the export file will contain the same data.

If you would like to refine the search results (for example by showing only companies based in the USA) it is easier to do this via the 'Ranked' search, where the Advanced search option is available.

2. Searches that contain multiple words look for companies where all the words are present; they do not use an exact match on the phrase. For example 'Top Water Sensors Companies' shows the companies where 'Water' AND 'Sensors' are present, not just results where the phrase "Water Sensors" is present.

An option to show the results for the exact phrase search is shown under the heading of the page (where it says "Search exact phrase instead").

You can also search for the phrase only (e.g. "Water Sensors") using the Ranked search, and including the phrase in quote marks. See here:

3. Searches use exact matches on words, so the search page 'Top Biotech Companies' requires an exact word match on 'biotech' but will not match on the word 'biotechnology'.

If you would like to refine the search results it is easier to do this via the 'Ranked' search, where you can search using multiple keywords, such as Biotech OR Biotechnology or you could use a wildcard operator, such as searching for Biotech* (which matches on the word biotech or any other word that begins with biotech).

4. The results are based on keyword matches, rather than being human-curated lists of companies.

Companies will be included on the list if they match the search terms. For example, the 'Top Biotech Companies' page shows companies where the word' biotech' features in the text descriptions we hold on that company. It does not necessarily show companies that a human has classified as fitting specific criteria that make it a biotech company. For example, a software company that says it sells to the biotech industry will be included in the 'Top Biotech Companies' results because of a match on the word 'biotech', although the company would not traditionally be classified as a Biotech company.